US reiterates need to respect UN arms embargo on Libya

The Ambassador of the United States to the United Nations, Kelly Craft, stressed that all external parties should stop fueling the conflict in Libya.

The US ambassador stressed the need for the member states of the United Nations to comply with Security Council resolutions related to the arms embargo imposed on Libya, to stop supporting the Libyan parties and to withdraw all mercenaries from the country.

She made the remarks during a briefing of the UN Security Council on cooperation between the United Nations and the European Union, in which it directly attacked Russia.

The United States of America reiterated that the United Nations-led political solution in Libya is the only way to achieve stability in the country in the long run.

The US ambassador concluded her speech on the Libyan situation by stressing that achieving stability in Libya will require a sustained effort by the United Nations and firm support from the United States and the European Union, stressing the appreciation of the United States for Operation IRINI and its contributions in implementing the arms embargo imposed on Libya.


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