Libya’s Coronavirus cases jump to 182 as 14 new cases appear in different cities

The National Center for Disease Control announced, on Tuesday evening that it had registered 14 new cases of the novel Coronavirus.

The center said in a report that ten of the new cases were due to contact of previous cases in the city of Sebha, two cases in the city of Misurata for citizens of Sebha who returned to Misrata after the end of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, and one case in each of Tripoli and Zliten.

The center called on the people of Sebha to follow the necessary preventive and precautionary instructions, which include curfews, home isolation, social distancing, and disinfection and personal hygiene operations.

Residents of Sebha have been instructed not leave the city until the contacts were confined and the epidemiological situation stabilized, as they were also asked to contact the free emergency number (195) for any inquiries or when they feel symptoms of Coronavirus.

It explained that the epidemiological monitoring and investigation teams, as well as the rapid response teams of the National Center for Disease Control, are making every effort to track and identify those in contact with the cases and take the necessary samples to detect the Coronavirus so it can refer them to the medical laboratory in Sebha.

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