American diplomat to 218News: US dismayed at “new alliance in Libya”

218News obtained information from a senior American diplomat about Washington’s position on the escalating dispute in Libya between Ankara and Paris, which reached an escalation point at the military level by suspending the latter’s participation in the NATO operation in the Mediterranean.

The American official, with long experience in the file of NATO member states, said that despite the limited American reservations about Turkey’s rush in the Libyan and Syrian arenas, its image with the American government is still stronger than the politically and strategically shaken France, which is more beneficial to NATO.

The diplomat expanded his diagnosis of the repercussions of French foreign policy in Libya on the cautious American policy, saying that the recent Paris alliance with Moscow over the Libyan crisis is unjustified and will not be tolerated, indicating that Washington may be preparing to take a position towards this alliance.

On the Turkish-Greek front, the American official saw that there is no near end to this historical dispute, but the latter is aware of its borders and capabilities, while Ankara knows that it is not concerned with more than one media battle that Saddam will not develop with in any case, according to his description.

The diplomat disclosed to182 his vision of the dimensions of international disputes over Libya even after its stability, pointing out that the Turks will clash with a new competitor who is a “friend today” Italy, since the two parties are known to be “merchants and fighters” in the Mediterranean on average, and their differences over sharing the “Libyan cake” will appear to the public after the end of the crisis.


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