Leader at Benghazi Shura Council bitterly criticizes Bashagha and SDF

Two days after the Janzur incident, where the GNA forces fought each other in front of the entire world, the voices began to rise inside the GNA.

The latest manifestation of this disagreement was the leader of the Benghazi Shura Council, Muhammad al-Nass, who left Benghazi with the Shura members and fought with the GNA forces against the national army in Tripoli and the cities of the western region.

The Nass opened fire on the Special Deterrent Force (SDF) and the Interior Ministry of the GNA due to the continuation of the old SDF policies of targeting Shura members, whether from Benghazi or Derna or Ajdabiya and throwing them in prison.

He wrote a post on Facebook and was attractive to activists and bloggers interested in the details of the dispute between the Shura Councils and the power of SDF, as he criticized the SDF, describing it as Madkhali and an agent group of foreign intelligence.

The words of Al-Nass were sharp against the SDF, as he said that Zuwara meeting that took place between Bashagha and leaders from the AFRICOM gave the green light for SDF in order to launch a new wave of arrests against what he described as revolutionaries under the pretext of their affiliation with ISIS.

In his last speech, written in an angry language, his comrades called for pressure to disband the SDF apparatus.

The disputes of the GNA forces are beginning to appear more clearly, and this will make it difficult for them to demobilize and withdraw their weapons that the UN mission demanded Saturday when it expressed its position on the bloody Thursday of Janzur, in which 12 people from the GNA forces were killed at the hands of other members of the GNA forces.


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