US says Russia has deployed Wagner Group forces on Sirte frontlines

The US military command in Africa (AFRICOM) has announced that it has obtained increased evidence that Russia, through the Wagner Group, continues to deploy military equipment in Libya, and has revealed photos, which it says are for forces and equipment of Wagner Group on the front lines in Sirte.

“Russia continues to play a subversive role in Libya by delivering supplies and equipment to the Wagner Group, and the images continue to reveal this despite their constant denial,” said AFRICOM Director of Operations, General Bradford Gering.

It is estimated that Russia continues to violate the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1970 regarding the arms embargo to Libya, by actively moving military equipment and fighters to the front lines of the conflict in Libya, according to AFRICOM.

AFRICOM said it had documented in a series of media releases, estimates indicating that Russia had supplied Wagner forces in Libya with combat aircraft, armored vehicles, air defense systems and other supplies, which further complicated the situation and continued violence in Libya.

The deputy director of AFRICOM intelligence, Gen. Gregory Hadfield, explained that the pictures taken of Russian military cargo planes in Libya reflect the wide range of Russian intervention there, and confirm that they continue to seek to gain a foothold in Libya.

Among the Russian weapons monitored by AFRICOM in Libya, IL-76s military cargo aircraft, SA-22s air defense equipment, various trucks and Russian anti-mine and anti-ambush armored vehicles.

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