Interior Minister: Mercenaries are threatening to change demographic composition of Libya

The Libyan Minister of Interior, Ibrahim Boushanaf, has stressed that the security elements in the Ministry’s apparatuses are able to protect the country frontlines and extend their control over the entire regions of Libya.

“We have had many successful experiences in terms of being able to secure the back of the Libyan national army during its battles in the war on terror, and at that time we were able to secure the country with effectively. We are able to do that again, and carry out our assigned missions,” Boushanaf said.

The Minister of the Interior expressed the Libyan government’s fear of changing the demographic composition in Libya because of the “Syrian and African mercenaries” in the country.

Boushanaf pointed out that the Ministry of Interior apparatuses are ready to deal with any military developments that may occur, especially with regard to the city of Sirte and the airbase of Jufra, explaining that the Libyan state, represented in its ministries, is able to impose security and restore control in all of the country, provided that state institutions are unified in the future.

The Minister of the Interior of the Libyan government said, “months ago from now we met with all managers in all regions and directorates of Libya’s security; only four security managers were absent from the meeting held in Benghazi.”

Boushanaf added that most of the cities are aligned with the Libyan government, explaining: “It has full security control, in addition to having prepared several security directorates in western Libya, and we trained their personnel and attached them to the police.”

The Minister of Interior considered that the cities and regions in eastern and southern Libya, which are under the control of his ministry, are witnessing remarkable security stability, after a professional institution has been built, able to enforce the law and achieve security, and to ensure that criminals do not escape punishment.

Boushanaf indicated that the crime rate has decreased, according to statistics collected by relevant departments and offices of the Ministry for the past years.

On the situation in the south, the Minister of the Interior said: “In the past, hardly a day passes without crimes against citizens robberies and stealing of money, but currently, it can be said that security control, even if it is not perfect, is at an acceptable level.”

Boushanaf considered that the vast area of ​​the south made it a fertile ground for smuggling and human trafficking gangs, in addition to kidnapping of terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda and ISIS, in these vast places, which are the scene of their activities before the National Army has been able to impose its control on many of its areas.

The Minister of the Interior of the Libyan government described the conditions in the western region as very bad due to the “armed militias’ defiance of the powers of the security services,” according to information obtained by his ministry.

Boushanaf added that the Libyan government “has not left or abandoned its duty in the western regions of the country, stressing that they have elements in the west working to provide their ministry with information on the security situation, which is completely out of control as a result of the command of armed militias.

On the issue of illegal immigration, the Libyan Minister of Interior explained, “The areas under our control are free of illegal immigration. The Libyan lands are located on a coast on the Mediterranean Sea with a length of 1,200 km, and the area controlled by our government extends from the Egyptian border in the east, and has even reached the west, therefore; the international community has not registered any illegal immigration cases in this region.

He concluded his take on immigration by saying: “We are almost unable to combat the phenomenon due to lack of resources, therefore; the countries of the final destination of immigrants should bear their responsibility in this regard. We are going to hold a conference on this matter next December. ”


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