Al-Sarraj promotes a gunman from armed groups to diplomatic missions

218News has learned from an informed source that the Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, signed on Sunday a decision to appoint 150 people to work in embassies, and the list included Jamal Al-Bakshi, a member of the armed formations in Tripoli.

According to details obtained by 218News from the same source, Al-Bakshi, who was among the individuals responsible for protecting the Minister of Communications in the Government of National Accord, was appointed as a security representative in the Libyan embassy in Iran, thus moving from the “armed formations” to the “diplomatic corps.”

These mass appointments come at a time when the relevant authorities in Libya are facing severe criticism because of what many describe as the “exaggerated numbers” of the employees of diplomatic missions abroad, whose budgets are burdening the suffering state treasury department.

The arrival of Al-Bakshi’s name opens another door to criticism of the competence and basis for selecting employees of diplomatic missions and representatives of Libya and the world’s first image.

The appointment decision, whose validity has not yet been confirmed, came two days after Al-Sarraj met with officials from his government in the direction of fighting corruption without any practical project to confront it.


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