218News reveals identity of “arms’ deals mastermind” of ISIS elements in Libya

218News has obtained exclusive information on the identity of the person responsible for arming ISIS elements in Libya, including the terrorist cell that the Libyan National Army raided in the Abdul Kafi neighborhood in Sabha late Monday night.

The information indicates that the so-called “Jamal Belkacem”, who is of Algerian nationality residing in Tripoli, concluded deals to buy arms shipments in large quantities from Tripoli and other regions in western Libya, and undertook the tasks of secretly delivering them to terrorist groups in the south, providing logistical support to them from Tripoli.

218News also learned from a source affiliated with a security apparatus that has been monitoring the movements of “Jamal Belkacem” for about a year and a half, that the security apparatus had gathered information indicating that “Belkacem” was the “arms mastermind” for large numbers of terrorists recruited by ISIS in Libya and they were of different nationalities, including Algeria, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, in addition to European elements as well.

Regarding the areas where ISIS militants are stationed, their distribution map revealed by the source to 218News indicates that they are centered in large numbers in the south, inside the cities of Sabha, Murzuq, and Ghadwa.

Meanwhile, LNA military room announced the killing of 11 terrorists of different foreign nationalities during a battle with “ISIS” that lasted for hours in a neighborhood in Sabha.

Regarding the military operation, the LNA military room stated earlier that it had received information about the movements of a terrorist group inside the residential Abdul Kafi neighborhood in Sabha, following which “units of the 116 Infantry Brigade” moved into the site.

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