LNA-Maitiq understanding ends closure of Libyan oil for a month

The General Command of the National Army said the decision on Friday regarding reopening oil production and resuming exports was the result of the “Libyan-Libyan” dialogue, with which Presidential Council member Ahmed Maitiq, interacted positively, forming a joint dialogue on the differences and outstanding issues between the two parties.

The LNA said in a statement that the results of this dialogue were the consensus among the dialogue participants on the fair distribution of oil, mainly for all Libyans in the east, west and south.

The statement pointed out that the joint dialogue committee that was formed as a result of this dialogue, was scheduled to hold the first working meeting chaired by Maitiq in the city of Sirte, but the Head of the High Council of State, Khalid Al-Mashri, pressured Maitiq to prevent him from going to Sirte.

The General Command stressed in its statement that despite these violations, it is still open to internal “Libyan-Libyan” dialogue and is ready to work on the basis of the concluded agreement, confirming that Sirte would be ready to receive anyone who wishes to start a dialogue.

The statement indicated that the decision to resume oil operations, which was taken with the participation of tribal elders, includes one month, with the hope that during this period all measures will be taken within the framework of the internal “Libyan-Libyan” dialogue led by Maitiq.


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