Source to 218News: First oil shipment soon after resuming oil production in Libya

An official source in the National Oil Corporation told 218News Sunday that the port of Al-Harika will receive the oil tanker “Marilyn Shikoku” coming from the Netherlands next Thursday, to ship Libyan crude, to be the first shipment to be exported after the National Oil Corporation announced the lifting of force majeure on oil ports and fields.

The source pointed out that the tanker would enter the port of Harika through which the Arabian Gulf Oil Company exports its production, explaining that the shipment amounted to one million barrels of oil.

On Friday, the Libyan National Army announced the opening of ports and oil fields, followed by the announcement by the National Oil Corporation to lift the force majeure from some of its oil ports, while the Arab Gulf Oil Company expressed its readiness to start production operations in its fields and ports.


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