Libyan experts voice fear of misinterpretation of US “Libya Stabilization Act”

Al-Ain newspaper cited Libyan experts and analysts as being concerned about loopholes in the Libya Stabilization Act, which was recently approved by the US House of Representatives because it did not put a specific definition of the US view of armed groups and terrorists, among other loopholes.

The interpretation of the US law to support stability in Libya sparked a Libyan controversy, expressed by Libyan experts when they voiced their fear of loopholes.

The political analyst Nassef Ferjani considered that this law would put an end to what he considered the Turkish President “Erdogan’s” disregard for the country’s sovereignty and his continuous violations of the international community’s decisions on Libya.

As for the political analyst, Radwan Al-Fitouri, he expressed his fears of a “loophole” in the US law that enables armed groups to escape legal punishment, describing the law as “loose”, as it did not define armed groups nor explain the American definition of terrorism, stressing that the application mechanism and actual translation of the law on the ground will determine its significance.

Meanwhile, Taher Al-Tayyib expressed his hope that the US law would contribute to the departure of mercenaries from Libya and the achievement of sovereignty. However, his fears lie in using the law to achieve Washington’s interests in Libya, explaining that the entry of the Turks to Libya was by an American green light. He indicated that the law would be used to pressure and blackmail all those who stand as a stumbling stone against US interests.


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