Lack of vision aggregates dispute between NOC Chairman and Central Bank Governor

The Head of the House of Representatives’ Finance Committee, Abdel Moneim Balkour, criticized the dispute between the National Oil Corporation and the Central Bank in Tripoli, specifically between Mustafa Sanallah and Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir.

Balkour told “LIVE” program on 218News on Monday that the statements of Sanallah give an indication that what is happening is not the work of institutions, comparing the words of NOC Chairman with the saying (Wrong but has the Right), considering that he made a mistake when he spoke about things that are not within his jurisdiction and he is right as he suffers the same way all citizens do.

He also attributed the reason for the differences and randomness of institutions – as he described it – to the absence of a single vision, explaining that the House of Representatives bears responsibility for what is happening today, stressing that the parliament is determined to hold its sessions inside Libya and restore its oversight role that was absent in previous years.

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