WHO casts doubt over rate of Covid-19 deaths in Libya

The World Health Organization (WHO) has questioned the death rate from the “Coronavirus” in Libya compared to the regional level of 2.2%, due to the low rates of detection tests, and the weak death control in the country.

A report issued by the international organization on the health response for the period between 10 and 23 December showed that Libya ranked tenth in the list of countries with the largest number of “Coronavirus” infections in the Middle East, as of December 21, while it came sixth among the top ten countries with the highest death rate in the region.

The report says that the death rate is 1.4%, which is much lower than the regional death rate, and that it is still difficult to explain the cause, given low testing rates and poor monitoring.

This information, announced by the World Health Organization, coincided with the announcement by the Director of the National Center for Disease Control, Dr. Badr Al-Deen Al-Najjar, that the center had contracted with the “World Health Organization” to purchase 2.8 million doses of the Coronavirus vaccine, at a value of 42 Million dinars to make it easier for Libya to obtain a licensed and approved vaccine by WHO.

He explained that the center has not settled on a company producing certain vaccines, so far, likely to contract later with the British company, “AstraZeneca” for easy storage of the vaccine.

For his part, the head of the Supreme Advisory Committee for Vaccinations, Suleiman Abu Sriwil, said in press statements that contracting with the “World Health Organization” comes to guarantee the license of the vaccine so that it assumes responsibility for the safety of any vaccine that comes through it.


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