Clashes renewed in Sabha as tensions remain high

Heavy and medium weapons’ clashes were heard Monday, in the city of Sebha, after the entry of a force from the military zone of Sabha, which is affiliated with the Government of National Accord, stationing its weaponry for hours in the city center before withdrawing to its headquarters in the Zaraei Al-Qarda area.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that armored vehicles and military vehicles from the 116th Battalion of the National Army were stationed in the vicinity of the Central Bank of Libya and the headquarters of commercial banks in the city center after the GNA force withdrew from the city center.

The eyewitnesses indicated that life is proceeding normally in the rest of the neighborhoods of the city near to the site of tension, such as Mahdia, Al Jadid and Sukkar neighborhood, in addition to the closure of some shops for fear of escalating tension in the city, while no security agency issued a statement or comment about what the city witnessed Sunday and Monday.

On Sunday, armed clashes took place between members of the 116th Battalion, and a force from the Sabha military area, near the Red Crescent building in the center of Sabha.

The clashes took place after a gathering of members of the Sabha military district force to read congratulations to the GNA forces on the occasion of Libya’s Independence Day, and to congratulate the forces participating in the military parade in Tripoli a few days ago.

The accident caused chaos and congestion in roads and side streets, and the clashes did not result in casualties or material losses.

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