GNA-affiliated armed groups threaten 5+5 joint military commission

The security track in Libya appears to be threatened due to the “stubborn” positions of armed factions and military figures affiliated with the Government of National Accord, rejecting the joint military committee’s outputs, as there is disharmony and no compliance with any resolutions.

The last signs of disharmony, polarization, lack of unity of opinion and absence of a leader was when some factions expressed with some military personalities was the categorical rejection of the results of the Joint Military Commission, which is made up of soldiers from the Libyan National Army and soldiers affiliated with the GNA.

The “Al-Sumud Brigade”, led by the internationally sanctioned, Salah Badi, along with other factions that agree with him in the stance and ideas have announced the categorical rejection of the agreement to open the coastal road linking the East and the West on the Abu Grein, Hesheh and Qadhah side, which are the areas that have witnessed a state of armed alert and a state of tension in which clam has been reported over the past months.

The Commander of what is known as moral guidance in the central region announced his tacit rejection of the Joint Military Commission agreement to open the coastal road.

He said that the members who came after the Geneva ceasefire agreement under the auspices of the UN mission do not have the authority to take a decision of this kind, meaning that it leaves the 5+5 Commission without its powers and puts it before the fait accompli days before the deadline set for the exit of all foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya.

The positions of the armed factions and personalities representing parties who have raised arms and imposed a de-facto situation for years, the country may be plunged into more unrest that aim only to complicate the issue of a peaceful solution, which seems to be getting more difficult year after year.

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