Libyan women urge Security Council to impose ceasefire and implement the roadmap

The female members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum called on the UN Security Council to impose a ceasefire and implement the roadmap approved by the Libyan Political  Dialogue Forum members.

The women called on the Security Council to ensure the implementation of transitional justice, the targeted oversight of the executive authority, the removal of all foreign mercenaries, support for decentralization, and prioritize the full, equal and purposeful participation and leadership of women in the future government.

Last November, women participating in the forum demanded that women obtain a representation in the new government of not less than 30%, with all guarantees of competence provided.

They stressed the need to provide special protection for women activists, human rights defenders and politicians, to ensure respect for the rights of women belonging to the various cultural components of Libyan society and their involvement in the political process, and to take the necessary measures to address discrimination against women.


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