“Quota system” in sovereign positions keeps Libya away from being “state of institutions”

The Head of the Civil Society Commission, Brika Beltamer, considered that the quota system in the selection and division of positions heralds the complete absence of the higher interest of the nation, as the positions are divided on regional basis.

Beltamer indicated to “LIVE” program on 218News on Monday that the quota system will not lead to the state of institutions, declaring his solidarity with the statement of the Supreme Judiciary Council rejecting the inclusion of judicial institutions in political quotas.

Beltamer added that the quotas that are taking place now represent a complete absence of the higher interest of the nation, expressing surprise that the judicial authority, the Supreme Court, and the Audit Bureau are included in the quota system, even though they are bodies that carry in their content the preservation of the performance of executive and legislative work.

Beltamer indicated that the allocation of the position of president of the court to a person from the Fezzan region in particular will collide with opposition to clear and explicit legal texts related to the conditions that must be met in the holder of this position, demanding not to involve the judiciary in political conflicts and to keep them away from interactions.

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