Sources to 218News: Hamas is pressuring GNA to release “Al-Ashqar”

Exclusive sources revealed to 218News that “Hamas” movement is trying to pressure the Government of National Accord via Turkey, to pardon Marwan Abdel-Qader Al-Ashqar.

The sources indicated that “Hamas” is working through Turkey on amnesty before the formation of the new government.

The main defendant in the “Hamas” cell, Marwan Abdel-Qader Al-Ashqar, chaired a technology company in Tripoli for years, along with his son Al-Baraa.

In 2011, Marwan Al-Ashqar obtained a Palestinian diplomatic passport to facilitate his mission to collect and send weapons and explosive materials through smugglers from Libya to Egypt to be transported to the Gaza Strip.

He was assisted in the smuggling operations by a senior Hamas soldier called Allam Bilal, who lives between Qatar and Turkey and leads the arms procurement effort.

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