Maitiq heads to Al-Bayda to take part in approving Libya’s unified budget

The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Ahmed Maitiq, arrived in the city of Al-Bayda this Saturday morning to participate in efforts to endorse a unified budget.

Maitiq tweeted: “We arrived with Finance Minister Faraj Boumtari, at Al-Abraq Airport; to participate in approving a unified budget, and then to meet with Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh.”

The UN Acting Envoy to Libya, Stephanie Williams, announced early February; an agreement on the first unified budget since 2014, and the budget has been under preparation by the current Presidential Council.

A source in the Cabinet of Ministers in Tripoli revealed in a statement to “218News”, that the joint financial committee emanating from the meeting of Brega last month between the ministries of finance in its offices in Tripoli and Benghazi completed preparing the unified budget for 2021.

The latest budget estimates amounted to 80 billion dinars, a significant increase compared to previous discussions of the committee.

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