Tensions increase in Libya’s oil sector, threatening production

The oil sector in Libya is experiencing a state of tension after the General Union of Oil Workers called to start reducing production gradually during a statement issued last week, provided that the production cut will start at the end of this week, calling for the implementation of the decision to increase salaries by 67% and improve the work environment.

The General Union of Oil and Gas Workers met these calls with complete rejection, indicating that it is pursuing all employees’ rights in the sector whose revenues finance the public treasury by 95%.

They described the general union’s demands to gradually reduce production as a crime and undermines the economic security of Libya, and the Workers’ Union stressed that the National Oil Corporation has guaranteed workers’ demands in the 2021 budget pending approval and liquidation.

They warned all workers that the procedure for reducing production might refer them in the future to the Attorney General, while observers believed that the division in union work between the union and the syndicate will have negative effects in the future, even after considering the file of increasing salaries in terms of administrative organization.

Meanwhile, a group of workers in oil fields and ports launched extensive campaigns on social media sites that began by publishing pictures bearing slogans expressing their solidarity with the General Syndicate to start reducing production, amid fears of companies and officials that this would result in a decline in production levels that would affect the infrastructure and progress the work.


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