218News unveils what Turkey told UN envoy about mercenaries in Libya

A source revealed to “218News”, that during the recent visit of the UN envoy, “Jan Kubis”, to Ankara; He was informed of Turkey’s formal commitment regarding the clause on the withdrawal of Syrian fighters from Libya.

The Turkish officials also explained to Kubis that the mercenaries’ presence in Libya was in accordance with an understanding between the Government of National Unity and the Syrian opposition factions, and an emphasis on withdrawing more than 80% of the existing number, while arranging for the transfer of the rest.

As for the presence of Turkish security personnel and trained in the military bases of Al-Khums, Tripoli and Misrata; the Turkish side explained to the UN envoy, that the presence of these elements is legal according to the agreement with the “GNA”, and that the new prime minister, Abdul Hamid Dabaiba, confirmed his commitment to respecting the maritime and security agreement, according to the source.

The source pointed to a remarkable Turkish diplomatic move with Romania, in conjunction with the latter’s communication with a regional country that plays a role in Libya, indicating that this development may be considered a prelude to opening the way later for the use of trainers or experts from Romania to work in Libya or any other place where Turkey’s interests meet to keep the “media eyes” away from it by claiming that the government in Libya or another country has contracted directly with Romania

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