Dbeibah: Wearing a mask will be mandatory in Libya

The Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dabaiba, stated that he was dissatisfied with the measures previously taken to confront “Coronavirus”, indicating that huge sums were spent without satisfactory results, and he pointed out that Libya has to adopt a different method to confront Coronavirus.

Dabaiba stressed, in a speech during the National Conference to Combat Coronavirus, that wearing a mask will be compulsory for everyone, and that providing an anti-virus vaccine is one of the priorities of the Government of National Unity, adding that this is his promise to Libyans.

The Prime Minister stressed that the mechanism for distributing the vaccine is ready, awaiting its arrival in Libya to be provided to everyone without exception.

On the conditions of quarantine centers in various regions of Libya; Dabaiba said that it is almost impossible to provide the necessary results as they suffer from a severe shortage of equipment.

He continued: “Awareness was good at the beginning of the pandemic but it has receded recently, and we must start an awareness campaign, and impose the necessary restrictions to reduce the number of infections.”


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