Al-Sarraj hands over power to Dbeibah’s government

The former Head of the Presidential Council, Faiz Al-Sarraj, handed over his duties to the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity Abdul-Hamid Dabaiba, and the Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi.

Al-Sarraj attended the handover ceremony that took place at the Prime Ministry headquarters in Tripoli; along with members of the outgoing Presidential Council.

Al-Sarraj congratulated the new government on gaining the confidence of Parliament, noting that the Government of National Unity had suffered many difficulties due to foreign interference, and that the war had exacerbated the electricity crisis and caused the exit of foreign companies from the country.

Al-Sarraj stressed that the Coronavirus vaccines will arrive in the country in the near future, saying this transition of power sets precedence to all upcoming democratic processes in Libya.

On this occasion, Menfi said: “Today, we see a historical scene that consolidates the principle of the peaceful transfer of power. The first part of our work will be preparing for the next elections in December, and we will hand over power on time, as we promised the Libyans.”

Meanwhile, Dabaiba thanked “Al-Sarraj” and his colleagues for their efforts during this difficult period, adding: “Mistakes and merits were present in very difficult circumstances experienced by the previous government.”

The Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity affirmed his intention to carry out reforms in the coming stage, and to complete what the Presidential Council started, including in the interest of all Libyans, as he described it.

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