Assassination of Major Mahmoud Al-Werfalli with barrage of bullets in Benghazi

The Major at the Al-Saiqa Force, Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, was assassinated Wednesday, by a barrage of bullets in the city of Benghazi.

Sources reported to “218News” that the assassination took place near the Arab Medical University, when an unknown person in a vehicle fired a barrage of bullets at Al-Werfalli, who was in another vehicle.

The sources indicated that a companion of Al-Warfalli died immediately, while he was rushed to the Benghazi Medical Center, but he soon passed away.

It is not yet clear who the person or party behind the assassination is, and what their motives are.

Wanted Internationally

It is noteworthy that the International Criminal Court issued numerous arrest warrants against Al-Werfalli because of his accusation of committing extrajudicial killings, but the court was unable to implement the arrest warrants.

The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Al-Werfalli in 2019, after he was accused of committing “serious human rights violations.”

The sanctions included the seizure of all Al-Werfalli property and interests in the United States or any place under its influence, and the seizure of any entities directly or indirectly owned by him.

The US State Department said at the time that Al-Werfalli was responsible for, complicit, or participated directly or indirectly in grave human rights violations since 2016, and carried out or ordered the killing of 43 unarmed detainees in 8 separate incidents.

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