First Anniversary of Mahmoud Jibril’s Passing Away

On April 5th, 2020 was the day of death of the Head of the National Forces Alliance and the executive director of the former National Transitional Council, Dr. Mahmoud Jibril

Today, everyone who knows the man evokes the first memory of his death after a conflict with the Coronavirus in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and the memory also brings Jibril’s stances that he has been highlighting throughout his visionary career towards the future of Libya.

In his 68 years of life, Jibril presented a lot during and spread his fame on the local, regional and global arena, carrying with him his ideas that brought about a clear developmental change.

Jibril, since the 1970s, did not recognize politics and economics by obtaining high academic qualifications in Arab and international universities only, but also made a major shift in changing many concepts and applying them on the ground.

The late Mahmoud Jibril was a witness to the February Revolution since its start, keeping up with its details, to become, at that time, one of the most prominent figures who helped complete the identity of the revolution, and drew the world’s attention to it, communicated with the heads of great countries and contributed to obtaining their recognition of the National Transitional Council and he was Head of its Executive Office.

After the success of the February Revolution; Jibril founded the National Forces Alliance Party and entered its first election race after 2011, and his party presented a different vision for the political, economic and social advancement of the country, thus gaining popular interest and global follow-up.

He raised the slogan of peace, and employed most of his time in solving the Libyan crisis and setting the file of reconciliation in mind, as he remained on this principle until he was passed away, leaving his dreams and ambitions in building Libya the state to those who inherited from him his approach to change for the better.


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