Release of internationally wanted “Al-Bidja” stirs controversy in Libya

The Public Prosecution issued a decision acquitting Abd al-Rahman Milad, nicknamed “Al Bidja,” of the charges brought against him for involvement in the crimes of human trafficking and fuel smuggling.

“Al-Bidja” was released on Sunday, after which a large wave of controversy prevailed on social media; as he was listed by the UN Security Council on the sanctions list, and he is considered one of the internationally wanted persons by Interpol.

It is noteworthy that “Al-Bidja” assumed the task of supervising the coast guard forces of the Government of National Accord, and he was accused of sinking a boat of migrants into the sea, while his name was mentioned in a United Nations report as a “violent human smuggler”, leading a criminal gang, as well as being involved in torturing immigrants and committing crimes and human rights violations.

The Ministry of Interior in the Government of National Accord had arrested “Al-Bidja” in mid-October 2020; in implementation of what was issued by the Attorney General’s office, and called on the international and local parties to bring him to a full trial in order to be punished for his crimes.

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