Al-Sherkasi criticizes “Fatwa House Group” that is rejecting Libyan December elections

A member of the political dialogue, Ahmed Al-Sherkasi, responded to the calls for rejecting Libyan elections, the calls that were affiliated with Political Islamists in Libya.

Al-Sherkasi explained in exclusive statements to 218News, in which he responded to what Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani and a member of the boycotting parliament, Ali Al-Sebaei, who is close to the Fatwa House of Al-Gharyani, said.

“After we thought that their thought and opinions had evolved and changed as a result of the changes that occurred in the political arena in the country, we find the exact opposite, for the mufti who represents the head of the political wing of a group that has become known as the (Dar al-Ifta) movement, as well as Al-Sebaei, who represents one of the leading pioneers of this house, are now attacking elections.

The member of the political dialogue added, in his statement, that political Islamists do not want elections if not held as per the constitution draft – which was boycotted by many, and after its issuance, another group of people opposed it, and was challenged by the members of the Constitution Assembly themselves-, and the truth is that these people do not want elections at all.

In his statement to 218News, Al-Sherkasi indicated that the “Dar al-Ifta” movement is not alone in this regard because the members of Parliament and the High Council of State use the referendum for the constitution draft as an excuse to keep the situation as it is, and the continuation of the state of chaos in which the people live.

“Therefore, people must be aware that this thought must be confronted with force, and they must also be aware that their words have power and they have the right to choose directly who leads the country. They should know that there is no impartiality and no escape from the December elections.” Al-Sherkasi added.


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