Egyptian man on trial for trafficking immigrants from Libya to Malta

An Egyptian man was accused of helping a number of migrants illegally enter Malta by a speedboat.

The 34-year-old appeared in court on Tuesday and was accused of helping a group of migrants cross from Libya to Malta last February.

According to the Independent newspaper, the case took place on February 19 of this year when a group of people – possibly recently arrived immigrants – were reported to the police in the Wade Zurek and Gare Labsee regions.

Police found eight men there, and it was confirmed that they were brought to Malta by speedboat from Libya. The speedboat was found abandoned on the coast a few days later.

Further investigations conducted by the Immigration Department revealed that the Egyptian man was the one who drove the speedboat, and was among the eight men who were arrested that day.

During the hearing, the accused man said he was “not guilty” and was refused bail.


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