Al-Mishri pushes for constitutional referendum before general elections

The UN envoy, Jan Kubis, briefed the Head of the High Council of State, Khaled Al-Mishri, on the results of his work at the Libyan and foreign levels.

During a meeting in Tripoli, Kubis and Al-Mishri, discussed the results of the briefing of the informal session of the Security Council and concerns about the repercussions of the situation in neighboring countries on security in Libya.

They also reviewed the increasing activities of armed groups due to the security situation in neighboring countries, especially in the southern region.

Al-Mishri confirmed that the presence of mercenaries belonging to the other party is the main reason obstructing the opening of the coastal road, and said that the solution is in the referendum on the constitution before holding elections.

He confirmed the possibility of holding the referendum in a short time, calling on the Head of the High National Elections Commission and its members to avoid talking about politics, because they represent a neutral party.

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