After reopening Ghat-Ghadames borders, Al-Koni thanks Algeria’s Foreign Ministry

The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Mossa Al-Koni, thanked the Algerian Foreign Minister, Sabri Boukadoum, for his prompt response to his call to expedite the opening of the Ghat and Ghadames border crossings with the state of Algeria.

Al-Koni tweeted: “I salute with gratitude the response of His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Algeria, Mr. Boukadoum, the expeditious opening of the Ghat-Ghadames border crossings – the closure of the ports has made the conditions of these areas difficult – so preparations are being made for a meeting with His Excellency the Foreign Minister Ms. Al-Mangoush, and businessmen, regarding the initial opening of the movement of goods transportation.”

Sources close to the Deputy Head of the Presidential Council stated that the response of the Algerian state to open the two crossings came after Al-Koni’s phone call with the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs after his tour in the southern region and his inspection of the Esin border crossing, informing the Algerian Foreign Minister of the difficult living conditions that the people are suffering from, especially in Ghat

The sources considered, according to the Libyan News Agency, that this rapid response by the Algerian authorities to the call of Al-Koni is one of the first results of the Al-Koni’s tour in the southern region, especially as he pledged during his meetings and dialogues with its administrative leaders and social actors to work hard with the Presidential Council and the Government of National Unity to solve all the economic, security, administrative and service obstacles and dilemmas that the Libyan south suffers from according to a new vision of the executive authorities concerned with the life and livelihood of the Libyan citizen, especially in the southern region that for decades has suffered from marginalization and neglect, which negatively affected the lives and livelihood of the people there.


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