218News unveils details of kidnapping an American doctor in Tripoli

218News obtained a copy of a report submitted by Officer Mohamed Ramadan Al-Shtiwi of the Ministry of Interior to the Tripoli Security Directorate, regarding the kidnapping of an American doctor named “Ann Manuel,” a 49-year-old who works for the Security Side Company.

The text of the report, dated July 23, indicates that the perpetrators of the crime are unidentified gunmen, numbering between 12 and 13, who drive two cars without license plates, the first is a white Toyota 27, and the second is a black Hyundai A20.

The gunmen attacked “Manuel” and his driver, who holds Libyan citizenship, kidnapped them from inside the “Royal Garden Hotel” located in Al-Dahra area in Tripoli, and took them to an unknown destination, while the text of the communication indicates that investigations are still ongoing about the incident.


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