Facebook: Libya among the most affected by false information campaigns between 2017 and 2020

A report published by “Facebook” revealed that Moscow is the largest source in the world of false information and misleading data, during the period between 2017-2020, noting that the most prominent victims of these lies were the countries of the United States, Ukraine, Britain, Libya and Sudan.

The report stated that Moscow has been the main source of propaganda since 2017, through Facebook, noting that disinformation campaigns were carried out at the level of more than 50 countries, during that period, forcing Facebook to close 150 networks of fake accounts.

In addition to Russia, the report revealed that the most important sources of misleading news are “Iran, Myanmar, the United States, and Ukraine.” At the same time, the United States, Ukraine, Britain, Libya and Sudan are the most targeted targets for these campaigns.

The company’s report added: Attempts to mislead in this way are a repeated issue in the past, but what is remarkable is the extent of access and penetration into global public awareness during the past years.

The report notes that these campaigns are aimed at weakening trust in civil institutions and exploiting digital mechanisms that are widely available in the public arena on the Internet, to disseminate critical discussions of a number of movements.

The report considered that the 2016 US presidential election was one of the most striking images of the impact of that propaganda, although the methods used at this stage were characterized by being more difficult to attract compared to the current period, and also more expensive and less in terms of impact opportunities, while the promoters of these campaigns were able In the following years, more accurate methods were adopted, such as selecting legitimate Facebook users.


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