Libya’s April oil revenues reached 1.246 billion dollars

The National Oil Corporation announced, in a statement, through its official platform, the revenues for the month of April for the current year.

According to the NOC statement; the net revenues for the month of April for the current year from “sales of crude oil, gas, condensate, petroleum products and petrochemicals” amounted to $1.246 billion from crude oil, followed by gas and condensate, which reached $53,973,000.

While petrochemical revenues recorded 2,616,000 US dollars, and 600,221,000 euros; this means that the total revenues from oil sales have reached 1,303 billion US dollars.

In turn, the NOC Chairman, Mustafa Sanallah, confirmed that the corporation is preparing to operate the polyethylene plant during the coming period; which adds a real real value to the national economy, through a contribution to the provision of raw material for manufacturing industries, which are currently imported from abroad, and contributes to increasing revenues from polyethylene sales, which are priced at international prices.

It is worth noting that crude oil shipments transferred to the Ubari terminal are charged to the General Electricity Company, and their cost was estimated in the month of April at $19,898,933.18. In addition, quantities of crude oil were supplied to Mellitah Company for the purpose of generating electric power, with a cost of $1,276,933.50, which was charged to the company to be settled later.


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