Disappearance of Mansour Al-Maghrabi: A new episode in a saga of intimidation

The series of intimidation and kidnapping in Libya continues to spread without any punishment and deterrence in a scene that shows the inability of the government and security services to perform their duties.

This is what the reality says today after the disappearance of the director of the Red Crescent branch of Ajdabiya, Mansour Mahmoud Atti Al-Maghrabi.

Until this moment, none of the official authorities have issued an explanation that solves the mystery of the disappearance of the young man, Mansour Atti, to add this incident to a long series of enforced disappearances that are still unknown.

The General Secretariat of the Libyan Red Crescent called on the concerned authorities to take measures to investigate the disappearance, after contact with the Head of the Libyan Red Crescent, the Ajdabiya branch, and the Head of the Ajdabiya Civil Society Commission, Mansour Atti, was suddenly lost on Thursday.

The kidnapped is the producer of the “Shatt al-Hurriya” series, which contributed to uniting the Libyan diaspora, through its comic and satirical ideas, based on the reality of the daily lives of people, yet he eventually found himself kidnapped and alone, with no government or security services explaining what happened!

Because crises in Libya do not come in single numbers, Mansour’s disappearance coincided with the disappearance of the Head of the Municipal Council Election Subcommittee, Qasr al-Akhyar, and an employee of the Central Committee for Municipal Elections Hassan al-Faghal, in a scene that portends what is worse, if the unity government does not prove its ability to protect citizens.


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