For the first time in 10 weeks, group of Syrian mercenaries depart Libya

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the return of approximately 95 fighters, from the factions of the Al-Hamza Division, Faylaq Al-Majd, Sultan Murad and Al-Mu’tasim Division; from Libya to Syria, during the last 48 hours, for the first time in about ten weeks.

The Syrian Observatory said that this step does not fall within the framework of withdrawing mercenaries from Libya, but rather within the framework of the exchange of fighters, as a batch of more than one hundred fighters from the same factions was sent to Libya by the Turkish government.

With the return of the mercenaries; the Hamza Division has arrested a number of its fighters, on the grounds that they committed major transgressions in Libya, as they described it, while international calls for the withdrawal of mercenaries from Libya continue, despite the lack of commitment from the Turkish side.

The return of mercenaries, in this way, is the first of its kind since late last March, as return operations, since then, have been limited to individuals under pretexts of illness and forged medical reports.

The sources of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the return of a small number of mercenaries after presenting medical reports and falsifying some of them, by paying bribes to the faction leaders.

Sources of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated, in mid-April, that fighters from the Turkish-backed factions are paying bribes to doctors in order to forge medical reports that would enable them to return to their country.


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