ISIS claims car bomb attack on Sabha-Brak road in south Libya

ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombing that took place in Sabha, and targeted the “Al-Mazeq Junction” point on the Sabha-Barak road; resulting in the killing of two criminal investigation personnel and injury of three others, one of whom was admitted to intensive care.

The director of Sabha security, Brigadier-General Sanusi Saleh, previously told “218News” that two members of the Criminal Investigation Department in Sabha were killed in a car bomb explosion, at the “Al-Mazeq Junction” point on the “Sabha-Barak” road.

Al-Senussi Saleh said that a tuk-tuk vehicle loaded with scrap and booby-trapped with an explosive device, driven by an unidentified person, exploded while the checkpoint’s security forces were nearby, killing Captains Hassan Abdel Nabi and Abbas al-Sharif, and wounding three others.

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