Italy to bring in 500 illegal immigrants stranded in Libya

The file of illegal immigration remains a preoccupation for a number of European countries, especially Italy, which is the point of arrival and the country of destination for most of the illegal immigrants by sea.

Italy’s attempts to curb the number of immigrants, which are increasing day by day, have not succeeded, so the Italian Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese announced the signing of a protocol to bring 500 immigrants from Libya to Italy, calling on Europe to conduct a “constructive dialogue” on immigration.

Lamorgese’s announcement came during a conference in Rome entitled “Migration Management: Best Practice for Humanitarian Corridors.” The agreement will include the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which will also co-manage it.

During the conference, Lamorgese explained that the problem is not only related to the countries of arrival because the migration problem cannot be handed over to the countries of arrival alone, enumerating the difficulties facing those countries.

Referring to the upcoming EU Council, which Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has called for a focus on immigration, Lamorgese said she hoped to see a “principle of solidarity and responsibility” and that work should be done not only to absorb migrants but to integrate them.


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