Dbeibah to Menfi: Prime Minister is the one entitled to select Defense Minister

The Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, Abdel Hamid Al-Dabaiba, confirmed to the Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammad Menfi, that choosing the Minister of Defense is the responsibility of the Prime Minister.

This came in a book directed by Dabaiba to Menfi, on Tuesday, in response to an invitation by the Head of the Presidential Council for a Prime Minister to attend a meeting to consult on naming a defense minister.

Dabaiba’s letter stated, “With reference to your letter entitled (Invitation to a Meeting), which came to us on June 28, regarding attending the meeting to be held next Sunday, in order to consult on the nomination of the Minister of Defense, and with reference to the results and outputs of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum regarding the nomination of ministers and the entity entrusted with that.”

Dabaiba added, “We attach to you the section on the unified executive authority contained in the road map, issued by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, which clarifies the authorities of the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, in naming ministers and agents, and the role of the Presidential Council in that.”

Menfi told Dabaiba to expeditiously name a Minister of Defense, without delay, and inviting him to attend a meeting he described as “important,” to be held next Sunday in the office of Menfi to consult on the issue of appointing the Minister of Defense, and the matter was finally resolved.

The Presidential Council, in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, threatened to take the decision to name the Minister of Defense, and to refer him directly to the House of Representatives for a vote, in case he is absent from the meeting that will be held for this purpose, next Sunday.

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