Al-Bilad program reveals: Who is behind hindering holding elections

Al-Bilad program discussed Tuesday why the House of Representatives refused to approve the general budget. Who benefits from obstructing the upcoming elections?

LPDF failure

The head of the office of elites and political entities in the Libya for All Movement, Dr. Fathi Al-Baja, in his intervention on the “218NEWS” channel, attributed the reasons for the failure of the dialogue forum, which is the attempt of the group that represents the highest political authority “legislative and executive” to usurp into positions of influence and the desire to continue in power, and therefore they are a hindrance to the upcoming elections.

Al-Baja pointed out that the State Council is a fictitious council, and it is an extension of the National Conference rejected by the Libyans, adding: “The parliament has not played its historical role as a legislative authority whose mission is to enact laws, preserve freedoms and stop the wheel of corruption.”

Al-Baja wished to end the power of the thieves, so that Libya could go to December 24th.

He explained: We do not deny that there is a great disagreement over the draft constitution that is being proposed now, and there is a large segment of citizens who do not know anything about this draft except for legalists, and this dispute will make it difficult to discuss and agree on it at the present time, and therefore we will not go to the elections.

He continued: What is going on now about the complications between voting on the constitution or postponing voting on it until after the elections; Caused by groups that take power.

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