218News reveals: Turkish military officers secretly enter Bani Walid on a mission

A source revealed to “218News” that Turkish officers installed an air defense and jamming systems inside the military manufacturing factory in Bani Walid.

About the conditions for the officers’ entry into the city; the source reported that Turkish forces took advantage of the operations carried out by the “444th Combat Brigade”, under the command of Mahmoud Hamza, in the city, a few days ago, to enter and carry out their mission.

The source also mentioned to “218News” that the “444th Combat Brigade” is moving without consulting any security apparatus in the country, and the government as well as the Presidential Council are not aware of the recent movements of Turkish officers inside the city of Bani Walid.

Regarding the motives for installing this system in the city of Bani Walid in particular, and at this time; the source revealed that this exciting Turkish move comes within the framework of Ankara’s fear of any movements of the National Army in Bani Walid, and the possibility of using the city as a transit or supply station.

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