El-Sisi, Boris Johnson discuss situation in Libya

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi discussed with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson the latest developments in the Libyan crisis and the importance of moving forward in the landmark transitional political process that the country is going through with the aim of settling this crisis once and for all, leading to elections on their expected date at the end of this year.

The spokesman for the Egyptian Presidency said that the phone call between Sisi and Johnson also touched on the necessity of the exit of mercenaries, armed groups and foreign forces from Libya, and the preservation of Libya’s territorial integrity and the integrity of its national institutions.

The two sides also discussed the most important files of bilateral relations between the two countries, including trade, investment, health and security cooperation, and efforts to combat terrorism, in addition to exchanging views on the latest developments on issues of common interest, developments in the Renaissance Dam issue and strengthening coordination in regional and international files, in light of the serious challenges facing the Middle East, Africa and the world at large.

They agreed on the importance of strengthening and developing cooperation in the security, military and intelligence fields, especially with regard to issues of combating terrorism, illegal immigration and securing borders.

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