218News reveals documents showing Health Ministry’s dubious deal worth over 27 million dinars

Leaked documents obtained by 2218News exclusively from behind the scenes of the Ministry of Health revealed that the Government of National Unity allocated an amount of over  27 million Libyan dinars for the benefit of the contracts of the Ministry of Health.

The amount deducted from the emergency clause was allocated to pay the price of a number of ambulances and transport vehicles for the dead, which were brought in through contracts with private companies that did not observe the contractual requirements stipulated in the Administrative Contracts Regulation, by exceeding the financial value specified for the contract by assignment.

These contracts raise questions about the priority of the Ministry of Health in spending, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and what it revealed of the weakness of the medical infrastructure and the acute shortage of liquefied oxygen and medicines, in addition to the medical operators necessary for the work of isolation and filtration centers, as well as the non-payment of dues to medical staff.

The ministry’s keenness to pay the value of suspicious car contracts was not matched by enthusiasm from the ministry in dealing with the debt file, as another document obtained by 2218News revealed the volume of debts demanded by the ambulance and emergency service, which is estimated at over 125 million dinars in favor of 50 companies, the ministry did not make efforts addressing it or addressing it to the government.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Health takes advantage of the emergency clause available to meet the needs of dealing with the CCoronavirus, despite the lack of approval of the budget.

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