Mohammed Déby rejects return of Chadian mercenaries from Libya

The Head of the Transitional Military Council in Chad, Mohamed Idriss Deby, rejected the return of hundreds of Chadian mercenaries, who are fighting in Libya.

A statement by the Chadian presidency stated that “Déby” stressed the prevention of Chadian and Sudanese mercenaries in Libya from leaving it; Because of the grave danger they pose to stability and security in Chad and Sudan.

The head of the Transitional Military Council called on the Chadian and Sudanese governments; To discuss together, urgently, this common threat.

The file of foreign fighters and mercenaries present in Libya; One of the most important thorny issues that the state is trying to find solutions to is by communicating with the countries that brought them to Libya, through the discussions of the “5 + 5” Joint Military Committee.

The United Nations estimates the number of mercenaries and foreign fighters in Libya at about 20,000, including Russians, Chadians, Sudanese and Syrians.

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