Financial Committee: HoR transferred to government over 46 million dinars

The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives published a statement showing the total amounts transferred to the account of the government for the period from January to the end of August 2021, according to law 1/12, with a total amount of 46.58 billion dinars.

The statement clarified the distribution of the amount over the five sections of the budget, and the amount of the salary section was 33.9 billion dinars, and the operating budget amounted to 9.5 billion dinars, while the development section recorded 10 billion, while the share of support was 20 billion dinars and the emergency section came with 6.5 billion dinars.

The committee explained that the Central Bank of Libya transferred an amount of one billion dinars from the currency fee income account collected during previous years to the general revenue account, and it has not been transferred to the government’s account so far, stressing that the government alone has the right to dispose of the funds allocated from the budget.

This message comes just before the Prime Minister arrived at the House of Representatives in Tobruk to attend the parliamentary accountability announced by the Presidency of Parliament earlier.


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