Al-Sayeh to 218News: We’re now at the crucial stage of “candidates registration” for elections

The Head of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), Emad Al-Sayeh, confirmed the readiness of the commission to hold elections scheduled for December 24, which he said had reached the highest level of readiness, pointing out that the HNEC had entered a phase he described as “delicate and sensitive”:  testing the candidate registration system.

In his intervention on the “Al-Bilad” program on 218News, Al-Sayeh urged the House of Representatives to deliver the electoral laws quickly; so that the HNEC can abide by the date of December 24, adding that the law on the election of the president will be received within days, revealing a request he made to Parliament to include in the Parliament’s election law the points related to the distribution of seats and the delineation of districts.

In the same context, the former Minister of Education in the Government of National Accord, Othman Abdul Jalil, called for the necessity of supporting the HNEC, in light of the political, technical and social pressures it suffers from, and smear campaigns, as he described it.

Abdul Jalil, who was a guest on “Al-Bilad” program, criticized the work of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, which he said had brought about a roadmap with a major political blockage because of the different loyalties and corrupt money; therefore, it was unable to issue a constitutional basis.

He praised the good step taken by Parliament, which is the electoral law of the president that stressed the need for it to be formally issued after its ratification and the issuance of the constitutional basis to end the political impasse, as he described it.

Abdul Jalil expressed his dismay at the idea of ​​the failure to organize elections, pointing out that there are several scenarios in case of failure in any of them, entering into another transitional phase, entering into a new war, creating a parallel government, and there are those who demand the postponement of elections. He said  it is necessary from holding elections in order to avoid all these bad scenarios.

He affirmed his rejection of the idea of ​​dividing the elections into two stages, the first parliamentary and then presidential, calling for adherence to what was stated in the road map that adopted December 24 as the day for holding the presidential and parliamentary elections.

Meanwhile, the expert in international relations, Fathi Al-Turabi, confirmed in his intervention on “Al-Bilad” program the existence of a strong European movement alongside the efforts of the UN mission to go towards presidential and parliamentary elections on December 24, stressing that the ability of the elected authority to govern depends on the strength of the personality of the president who will take charge.

It is noteworthy that Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh has confirmed the readiness of the law to elect the president, reiterating his commitment to holding the elections on time, amid international fears that the roadmap will be affected by political tensions and alternative paths.

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