Legal organizations concerned about child labor phenomenon in Libya

The Office of Women and Child Affairs of the National Human Rights Committee in Libya expressed its deep concern about the escalation of indicators of the phenomenon of child labor and its spread in various regions of the country, attributing the reason for the growth of this phenomenon to armed conflicts and the disruption of studies due to the Coronavirus pandemic, in addition to the aggravation of the economic and humanitarian crisis.

The office warned that the high indicators of child labor and exploitation pose a threat to their lives, because they indicate low levels of education and individual income and the deterioration of the humanitarian and living conditions of the family, calling on the responsible authorities in the state to work to combat the phenomenon of child labor and protect their rights, in accordance with the legal obligations placed upon them.

The office stressed the need to create the appropriate environment and protection for children not to be affected by the negative consequences surrounding them that the country is going through, including armed conflicts, calling at the same time to provide job opportunities for adults so that families do not have to employ children to help them, in addition to providing adequate social protection, including benefits, inclusive of children, increasing spending on education and returning all children to school, including those who were outside before the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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