HoR Speaker: No-confidence vote is legal and won’t create power vacuum in Libya

Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh said in exclusive statements to 218News that the process of voting to withdraw confidence took place by raising the hands of 89 deputies in Parliament, indicating that the quorum required to withdraw confidence is half the number of members +1, according to Article 194 of the Parliament Law.

Saleh explained in his speech to “Al-Bilad” program that the withdrawal of confidence aims to prevent the government from signing long-term contracts with foreign countries, noting that the members of the parliament expressed their dismay at the government’s conclusion of billions of dinars in contracts with foreign states, which results in debts, according to him.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives confirmed that the dialogue committees between Parliament and the High Council of State did not reach any solutions regarding the constitutional and legal basis, noting that his council agreed with the High Council of State on sovereign positions, and sent the files, but the State Council did not respond to the correspondence of the members.

Saleh informed the UN envoy, Jan Kubis, that the government will continue to perform its duties, without a power vacuum, pointing out that the government’s work at home is guaranteed, and thus it can carry out its work to reach elections.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives told Al-Bilad about the protests that followed the decision to withdraw confidence, saying: “Demonstration is a constitutional and legitimate right for all, and Libyans have the right to demonstrate anywhere in the country,” adding that he has great confidence in the intelligence of Libyans and knows that they want the December 24 elections.

Saleh affirmed that the House of Representatives issued decisions to raise salaries two years ago, and demanded the government to provide housing and job opportunities for young people, and that Prime Minister Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba should work without hesitation in providing services to young people and paying salaries.

The House of Representatives, according to the statements of its speaker to “218News”, formed a legal committee to amend the Parliamentary Elections Law, and seeks in its next or subsequent session to issue the Parliament’s Elections Law.

Saleh added: “The solution to the Libyan crisis lies in the parliamentary and presidential elections, and that whoever wants to present himself and believes that he has popularity must present himself to the ballot box, stressing in this regard that he will not run for the elections except when candidacy is officially announced.

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