46 LPDF members urge for emergency session to secure holding elections

Members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum renewed their call for the UN envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, to convene an emergency session of the Dialogue Forum, to determine its responsibilities towards what impedes the implementation of the roadmap for the preliminary elections; as concerns grow about the elections scheduled for December 24th.

46 members of the Dialogue Forum sent a letter to Kubis, stressing their adherence to holding the presidential and parliamentary elections on their previously scheduled dates, warning of developments described as “dangerous” that might hinder the holding of the elections and threaten the country’s unity and stability, according to the text of the letter.

The members expressed their intention to move positively, proactively, to hold a session inside or outside Libya, with the aim of addressing what threatens the UN roadmap, and addressing the risks of the collapse of the political process.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya held a series of meetings inside and outside the country, launched by Stephanie Williams, in her capacity as the Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in late 2020; with the aim of speeding up the holding of legitimate and democratic elections, at the end of this year.

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