US National Security Advisor visits Cairo to discuss Libya elections

The White House revealed a visit by the US President’s National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, to the Middle East, during which he will visit Cairo to hold meetings with Egyptian officials on human rights issues, preparations for the Libyan elections, and other files, including “Israeli-Palestinian” relations.

Today, Wednesday, the US President’s envoy is expected to hold extensive meetings in Cairo, based on confirming the international and regional support that is taking place during this period, to support the presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya, and to put pressure on the parties involved in the Libyan conflict. to withdraw its forces and foreign mercenaries, alike.

Yesterday evening, the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee approved the Stability Support Law in Libya, as amended, which was presented at the committee’s session last week. The provisions of the law include submitting reports within a period not exceeding 90 days, on the nature of the role played by several countries. Through its interventions in Libya.

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