After increased international criticism, Libya deports immigrants via Mitiga Airport

The Correctional and Rehabilitation Institution in Ain Zara announced the deportation of a number of inmates who were sentenced to deportation from the country.

It explained that the deportation process included nine inmates of Egyptian nationality, and four inmates of Sudanese nationality, who were deported through the Mitiga International Airport, on Friday, where members of the Judicial Police took over the process of transferring and securing them, according to the Friday statement.

The deportation comes amid international criticism directed at Libya, against the background of reports of abuses and violations against illegal immigrants, the halting of voluntary returns organized by the UNHCR, in addition to overcrowding in detention centers, and deaths as a result of the security services’ use of excessive force.

It is worth mentioning that the Correctional and Rehabilitation Institution in Ain Zara is a center for housing all those sentenced to deportation from the inmates of reform and rehabilitation institutions, in addition to its original work of managing and accommodating ordinary detainees and convicts of various nationalities.

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